Welcome to our world

How did we get here? Remember the days when things didn’t hurt? When days weren’t spent managing doctors appointments and medications? When sleep actually left you feeling refreshed? I vaguely remember those days although they seem so long ago.

Having a chronic illness is hard, it’s hard work, it’s hard on the bank account, it’s hard on your friends and family and most of all it’s hard on your physical and mental well being. Throw into the mix being a parent and all this gets magnified because now you are responsible for another little human being.

On days where you would normally stay in bed and wait for your symptoms to improve now you can’t. Now you have to get up, suck it up and do your best to hide your pain from your child and be the best version of yourself you can be. That in itself is exhausting, it’s like wearing a mask, and wearing it in front of the people you love the most. But sometimes that mask is necessary, sometimes it’s better to hide the pain, to grin and bare it, especially when it comes to our children, some times they need to be protected from what we endure. But sometimes it’s better to show our children who we are and what we endure to teach them compassion and caring.

Fighting a chronic illness and an invisible illness can be hard and in general much of society doesn’t doesn’t understand many invisible illnesses and how to support and empathize with those who have them. From unintentional pity to misunderstanding and judgement by those who believe if you can’t see it there’s nothing wrong it can be hard to face the world, hold down a job, maintain friendships and feel like a productive member of society, but what if we could raise the next generation to be more compassionate and aware? What if in the children we are raising we could be teaching them what it means to live with illness and keep fighting everyday for a happy and productive life? Surely that means we can help change the broader attitude of our communities in the future, create kinder human beings and make the world a better place?

This site is a work in progress much like all of us, it’s a place to share journeys, to share hints, tips, laughs, inspiration and tools on living with a chronic illness or chronic pain while maintaining the other toughest job in the world, being a parent. We will share our journey with you, the good, the bad and the sometimes very unflattering, whatever it takes to help you  make it through another day with a smile on your face and the will to keep trying your best.




2 thoughts on “Welcome to our world

  1. Hello☺
    I’m a mum like you. I am” lucky” enough to have a healthy child, but I feel for every parent that has to deal with a child that is not healthy. I was born premature and my whole life was circling around hospitals surgeries n physical therapy so I fully understand you. I wish you a wonderful day and I am sure you do a wonderful job as a mum and keep it up☺

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