How to be content

As I sat perched on my bunk bed in our newly renovated caravan taking time to do the simplest of pleasures, reading, I felt a stirring I hadn’t not felt in some time. Contentment. My husband and son sat playing on another bed with toy cars, sharing a nashi pear and nattering away about nothingness. I sat up on my perch and just read, a book about simple pleasures, which as if by osmosis, was occurring to me in that moment. I very rarely sat and read, let alone sat and stopped for anything other than working or meals, so to sit and stop and just relax was a true treasure.  Of course don’t get me wrong, the serenity was short-lived until my son did something cheeky and got a stern telling off from dad but those few minutes were pure bliss.

It got me thinking about how we can stop and have a few more moment like this, how do we capitalise on them in the chaos of everyday life? How do we in the normal weeks of work, school runs, homework, sporting commitments whilst managing this with a chronic disease, carve out time to be content and enjoy those moment of bliss? One simple technique…

Ready for it? It’s simple, be aware of your feelings and own them, own the bad and the good but when those shining moments of good raise their glorious heads, stop and appreciate them. Stop, breathe and capture the moment like a photograph in your mind. Take an actual photo of it if it is tangible, post on social media about, tell your partner, family, child or friend in that instant that you are happy and if they’ve played a part in it. The more you start to capture those moments of contentment and happiness the more you will start to see that perhaps there are more of those moments then you ever realised. That bad day you had at work and how unwell you felt all day may suddenly be eclipsed by the biggest hug in the world your child gave you, the leaf they found at school and drew a picture on because it looked like a love heart, the out of the blue ‘I love you’ your child gave you, those precious moments add up and suddenly your day isn’t quite so bad.  Or maybe it was but now you don’t care because all these tiny joyous moments have dulled the sharpness of the day you had.

And don’t forget, you can always create your own moments, take time for self-care and love, take yourself off for a quiet coffee on your own or with a friend, get your nails done, take a walk in the park or sit in the sun and read a book. Take time for you and don’t feel as those you’re being selfish because everyone needs time for themselves to recharge and in the end if you’re just that little bit happier thin it’ll rub off on those around you, especially those you love. After all who doesn’t want to be happier right?

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