Christmas treats

Looking for something fun and special to do with the kids for Christmas that isn’t completely exhausting?

One our favorite family traditions is making Christmas treats to indulge in and share with family and friends throughout the Christmas season. Our family has done this since we were children and now that there is grandchildren it is a truly special tradition to carry on.   We have lots of recipes and we all get to pick our favorite one to make, the whole family pitches in, even having a production line of rolling chocolate balls then another person covers them in coconut or sprinkles. We come together and talk and laugh and eat half the ingredients before they make it to the final container, but the most special ingredient is the love and laughter that goes into making them, corny I know but it’s true.


This week we tried a new recipe, one that we thought the children would love and boy were we right. This simple recipe that can be found at Butternut Snap Reindeer Tarts requires an adult supervision for part of it (like melting chocolate) but the rest the kids can go crazy and make their own. The best part is they don’t need to look perfect, each one has character and can look as crazy as they want! They taste yummy, and the kids will have so much fun doing it.


This is great for those of us that can’t stand or be on their feet for too long because you can sit at a table for most of the prep and assembly and it doesn’t take too long. And the best part is you are creating beautiful Christmas memories with your family and friends that last a lifetime.

Stay tuned for more ideas and inspiration!

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