Changes to codeine availability

In Australia recent changes brought in by the government see chronic pain sufferers unable to access codeine without a prescription. Whilst the government is doing this to try and combat the risk of overdoses and abuse of the previously over the counter medication it is in fact disadvantaging those with chronic illness who rely on these medications to manage their pain.

It is punishing those who are already suffering and disadvantaged by their illness with extra financial strain and the strain of additional doctors appointments. For those with conditions such as Endometriosis this will have a huge impact, no longer can your partner or parent head down to the chemist to grab these products to manage bouts of sporadic pain. Instead sufferers will need to drag themselves to their GP, if they can even get an appointment  or call a locum, adding strain on the medical system and financial strain on the patient. Then there is the added stress and anxiety this brings for patients who already struggle to manage their pain.

Whoa Mumma creator Teena was asked her views in a piece for about this topic, to read more about this story click on the link below.

Following on from the above piece we were interviewed by FEMAIL at Daily Mail on the changes to codeine and how this impacts chronic illness sufferers, in particular those with Endometriosis. Click on the link below for the full article:


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