Does scrolling through the newsfeed of your social media account make you feel like you’re a hot mum mess?


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No, no, no!  Stop right now!  Thank you very much (yes, that’s 3 lots of song lyrics I used to get your attention). Why I hear you ask? Well, consider this a public service announcement aimed at all those mums out there suffering from mummy guilt and social media envy.

What does that mean exactly?  Let me explain….

We are in an age of amazing technology and connectivity, with the dawn of social media we are more connected than ever and whilst that has many positives and helps us in so many ways it also has some of the worst consequences.

When you look at cyberbullying and trolls, the effect they are having on our children and teen suicide and depression rates it’s horrifying.

We are investing so much energy in protecting our children (as we have to but I wish we didn’t need to) that we are forgetting about the effects it has on ourselves.

When you spend time on social media you can be forgiven for thinking that most people live charmed lifestyles.

People who live their life for the most ‘likes’ and ‘thumbs up’ on a photo or post, a moment in time perfectly crafted to portray their perfect life without a care in the world.

Those perfect couples you see in Instagram photos that look so in love may actually be miserable and are just trying to keep up appearances.

People who are showing off a big social life may actually be incredibly lonely and have few true friends.

Those who are constantly bragging about being #blessed and #solucky may just be putting on a brave face for the world, when in fact they may be struggling to put one foot in front of the other.

It is taking ‘keeping up with the jones’s’ to a whole new level as people try and be more like Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Yet we are all guilty at one time or another of trying to aspire to these images, of what social media portrays as an incredible life and that you too can have it all!

Just scrolling through Facebook the endless ads targeting stay at home mums or part-time workers with the lure of amazing work from home jobs opportunities that pay enormously whilst allowing you to have balance.

The reality is that yes that might work for a special few but not the majority, not everyone can have one of those amazing jobs and ‘check in’ and hashtag their cool meetings or catch-ups, for most it is working hard in jobs they are content with and not in love with.

Now, I am not saying don’t aspire for happiness or follow your dreams, or to be content if you are unhappy, far from it!

Find your #bliss and what makes you happy and aim for it, no-one should ever tell you not to. But what I am saying is stop comparing your life to the picture perfect ones you see on social media and feeling as though you are not enough or can’t compete. You don’t have to keep up with those lifestyles nor should you ever feel like less of a mother or wife or partner because you don’t have it together like the people in those pictures, we feel guilty enough about so many things as mums you don’t need to add this in too.

Be a hot mess, have a messy house, have dishes in the sink, go to school drop off without makeup on, don’t worry if you drop the ball occasionally. As long as your kids are loved, are fed, have clothes to wear and a roof over their head then pat yourself on the back and give yourself props because you are rocking it mumma!

Don’t feel like you have to have a home worthy of Home Beautiful or cook meals that would appear on Masterchef. Just be you, be authentic, put your energy into doing what is best for your family, laugh often, talk about what matters, go on adventures, tell each other you love one another. Those are the moments worth capturing, they are worth more ‘likes’ than any perfectly staged photo and they are the moments your children will remember and look back on with full hearts and happy souls. So #bereal and #authentic and most of all #behappy!


About Your Guest Blogger: Teena is the creator & blogger for a site aimed at helping parents who live with chronic illness/pain. She is passionate about helping others in their journey & sharing her story to help inspire others.

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