What’s It Really Like Being A Mummy Blogger?

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 There’s more to mummy blogging than meets the eye. It’s much more than reviewing the latest baby equipment or recommending a favourite pram. Mummy bloggers are just like other parents; they work hard and parent hard 24/7. So what’s it really like to be a mummy blogger? We spoke with 6 Aussie mummy bloggers who gave us the inside scoop on this fantastic community.


Louise East | More To Mum

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

“I’m Louise! I love running, strong black tea and personal development! I’m a wife, mum of a toddler and step mum of 3 fantastic young adults. I am so fortunate to help mums lead happier and more confident lives through my blog More to Mum. I do this by supporting them to develop a helpful mindset, realistic self-care habits and to make the practical things in life easier.

I started blogging because it was a perfect union between my long and happy corporate career and my newer passion of motherhood….Even when we have a desire to improve our situation or ourselves, mums are so time poor that doing the research to find answers is challenging. I do the research for them, making the complex simple and practical so it can fit into their busy lives.

The other reason I started blogging was because I didn’t want to return to the corporate world. No one was more surprised than me, when I realised I wanted to stay at home with my son. So, I looked for other avenues to use my skills and experience and help people.

2- What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

“I care deeply about encouraging other mums and helping them lead happier and more confident lives. The fact that I get to do this every day, is so rewarding. I run a private Facebook group for mums and love connecting with the mums in this community. It’s wonderful when I hear that what I’m doing is actually helping them. I also love when they ask me to write about particular topics that they need help with. It’s making a difference and that’s what I love.”

3- Your proudest moments as a mummy blogger?

“Firstly, I am so proud every single time someone contacts me to tell me that something I wrote helped them. That’s exactly why I’m doing this. There isn’t anything more rewarding and purposeful for me than actually making someone’s life a little better.

Secondly, I’m proud that I made the leap to start my blog. I could have gone back to my “safe” corporate job and continued to do what I’d always done. But I knew there was something else in store for me. It’s a whole new world and I don’t know what will come of it but I’m enjoying it and I’m really glad I found the courage to do something different.”
Check out Louise on Facebook and Instagram.

Mirela Barisic | Scribe My Journey By Mirela

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

My name is Mirela Barisic and I am the creator of Scribe My Journey By Mirela. I am a mother of two beautiful boys, Mateo and Luka (23months & 2months). I started blogging just under a year ago and created a space where I write about my journey- from pregnancy to motherhood.

2- What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

My favourite part of being a mummy blogger is that it allows me to share my experiences with other mothers. I love getting messages from mums telling me how they enjoy reading my posts, or that it has helped them in their motherhood journey.

3- Any advice for aspiring mummy bloggers?

The best piece of advice I can give to aspiring mummy bloggers is to be true to yourself, be honest and share even the hardest moments with your readers, because your parenting hurdles could also be theirs.
Check out Mirela on Instagram.

Debbie Russo | The Fifo Wife

Photo via Facebook

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

“The FIFO wife started on the 15th of September 2011. I know the date well because I had been looking for an online resource and a positive one about families that lived a life similar to mine; a FIFO life.

At the time I was recovering from a bout of exhaustion and possibly depression and wanted something to fulfill and inspire me however I found none and so she was borne.

A place where I wrote about my life based on the lessons I had learnt. Seven years on it continues to be a blog about making the best of things having seen the worst. The topics I cover are everything from mental health, parenting, autism, relationships and just stuff that makes up the everyday.”

2- What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

“The community which has grown from the blog is perhaps my favourite part. I have worked hard to create a safe environment for my readers to ask questions and converse with each other. We are not a closed [Facebook] page as I think A FIFO life can resonate with anyone and we all have a story and support we can offer to each other.”

3- How about your least favourite?

“This openness, however, brings with it my least favourite thing of being a blogger particularly in this industry; its the judgment that people form and the need for them to share it so passionately and personally with you. I think a computer makes it easier for them to attack you and often so very cruelly.”
Check out Debbie on Facebook and Instagram.

Evie Farrell | Mumpack Travel

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

“I’m a full time family travel blogger/influencer. My eight year old daughter Emmie and I have been traveling full time for two years now and we share our adventures together on our [blog, Instagram and Facebook].

I first took Emmie overseas when she was four months old and I started writing about our travels with a dream of starting trips for mums and kids. [Eight] years later I’ve finally just hosted our first family tour of Sri Lanka and have a Bali retreat for mums and kids coming up.”

2- Anything people get wrong (or misrepresent) about mummy bloggers?

“I think sometimes people may look at the perfect photos on social media of how people present their lives and think that it’s reality – and it’s not – that’s a damaging misconception. I always share the challenging times as well as the good because showing the reality of our life is really important – it can look amazing but its not like that all the time, we have the same struggles as mums everywhere.”

3- Any advice for aspiring mummy bloggers?

“Focus on SEO – I didn’t and now I’m playing catch up. It’s really the most important thing you can do. Also, find a niche that you’re passionate about and know who your audience is – who you want to talk to and what you can share with them that is interesting and valuable. And always be yourself! You are more than enough and everyone loves honesty and authenticity.”
Check out Evie on Facebook and Instagram.

Teena Hantke | Whoa Mumma

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

“I am so many things and so many labels, a worker, volunteer, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, chronic illness suffer, Endometriosis advocate and blogger. All of these things form the basis for who I am and what I do but the thing that defined me and set me on this journey of becoming a mummy blogger was having my son and deciding I wanted to make a difference and be someone my son would be proud of as he grew older.

I never expected it would become such a big part of me, but finding my inner voice and sharing it with others has been so freeing. When I hear others say what I have written is exactly how they feel but didn’t know how to say it makes it all worthwhile.”

2- Your least favourite thing about blogging?

“My least favourite thing about being a mummy blogger is trying to write when a great idea comes into your head but having to juggle the responsibilities of being a parent and partner and life gets in the way of a writing spree! Or when the opposite occurs and you set aside time to write and nothing pops into your head. Bottom line is you have to seize the moments when they come and put pen to paper!”

3- Anything people get wrong (or misrepresent) about mummy bloggers?

“I think sometimes there is a perception that mummy bloggers are just bored mums who casually write their experiences on a website for something to do, but in reality they are hard working women who are passionate about their area of knowledge or interest. They work very hard whilst juggling the pressures of parenthood and everything else that they do.”
Check out Teena on Facebook and Instagram.

Jodie Guerrero | Jodie’s Journey

1- Tell us about yourself (and your blog!)

“I am a ‘youngish’ mum of 2 special needs daughters. My eldest daughter (Julia) attends a special school for Autism & an Intellectual Disability, plus other medical issues and my youngest (Anna) attends a private Lutheran school with a special unit to assist with her speech/language issues & ADHD. Along with all of that: I am a triple cancer survivor and have dodged death six times!!

My blog pans from 2007 to current and is a written account of my feelings and struggles through triple cancer; what I have endured and how I have managed to pull through.

I started blogging to give myself a creative outlet and help my family/friends try to understand what has been occurring with my medical treatment and overall health, without answering the same questions over [and] over. It was not really meant for the public, as such – but, has now become an important blog that many people visit on a regular basis and gain strength from.

I knew my journey and situation was unique. I knew that what had occurred to me was like something out of a Hollywood movie. But, I was not aware that writing about it was good for me and good for many others.”

2- Your favourite thing about being a mummy blogger?

“Because I do so much more than just blogging – I also vlog, consult, participate in medical committees, provide advice, write articles and more – my scope of involvement in various projects helps me to feel valuable, needed and wanted (not just by my family), but by a large group of people who ‘follow’ what I do and gather flecks & specks of my wisdom, along the way.”

3- Anything people get wrong (or misrepresent) about mummy bloggers?

“Some critics may feel the typical mummy blogger are looking for attention or are in love with their own profile and wordage….I would say though, that the majority of mummy bloggers like me; love people, have empathy and compassion for people and want to ‘make a difference’ to those who come, visit and stay for a read, over a cuppa coffee.”
Check out Jodie on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s the phenomenon that just keeps on going. Mums everywhere are taking to their keyboards and blogging their lives. We think these mummy bloggers deserve their hard-earned successes.

Every mum deserves a break once in awhile. Check out our other blog for 5 ideas on practising mum self-care.

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