What’s The Hardest Thing About Being A Parent?

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Even though you cherish the day you became a parent, some days it’s harder than others. You’re tired of the kicking and screaming, the bargaining and bleating. You wish you could take a break. On those days it helps to hear you’re not alone. Read on to find out what other mums believe the hardest thing about parenting is.

You’re always on call

There’s no HR department to complain to about being overworked, overtired and all together over it. Issy Kerr knows how hard it is to adjust to parenting. Which is why she created the hilariously poignant Seriously Milestones cards. Each pack includes 20 cards to help you celebrate the funny side of parenting. So, what does she think is the hardest thing?

“For me, the hardest thing about parenting is the relentlessness.
There is no other job in the world that demands you to be ‘on’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
There is no sick pay, in fact, there’s no any pay, so don’t ask for a raise.
Leave is not guaranteed leave – you may not get any at all.
There is no thanks, no acknowledgement, no employee of the month.
It will test you mentally and physically, it will challenge you beyond what you thought you could ever possibly do.
Yet it’s the most rewarding job you can have.”
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You can’t seem to get enough sleep

That well-rested, functioning version of yourself seems like a long ago dream. Or was it a dream you had last night? Getting enough sleep every single evening is one of the toughest calls parents have to make. Do you give up watching the finale of your favourite show knowing your human alarm clock will be calling at 6am? Do you squeeze in extra minutes of romantic alone time with your partner? Do you just let go of the idea you’ll ever get enough sleep?

You’re always going to put your family first but no-one said your sleep had to come last. You could upgrade your mattress so it’s comfortable enough to make it lights out for your brain as soon as it’s lights out in the room. You could also treat yourself to an afternoon nap at the same time as your bub. Simply bring a cushiony couch into the nursery so you’re close at hand and feel less worried about taking a quick power nap.

You worry you’re not good enough

Social media can feel like a crash course in how to be a good parent. It makes it harder to deal on those days you opt for takeout instead of cooking and feel like the world’s worst. Hannah, a blogger and social media mum from Bali Kids Guide, understands how hard it is to take the pressure off yourself.

“The thing I find hardest about parenting is the pressure I put on myself to be a great mum. Sometimes when I’m really tired or have a ton of work to do I want to just put the kids in front of the TV (and of course I do sometimes), but I know pushing myself to do something fun with them is better for all of us. It’s the same when I really don’t feel like cooking or getting up and getting them to school on time. Maybe I’ve seen the ‘perfect mum’ on Instagram making healthy meals for the week or met someone who doesn’t let their child on a device ever and I feel terrible that I’m not that mum. Deep down though I know not being the perfect mum is actually way more fun and my kids are going to be just fine.”
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You feel guilty all the time

Even though there’s a tonne of guidebooks, there’s no real guide book that tells you how to parent. Making one choice over another is not very clear-cut. Which is how, even when you’re doing your best, the worry and guilt crawls in. Dedicated parent and chronic illness sufferer, Teena Hantke, shares her journey over on her blog Whoa Mumma. Here’s what she says is the hardest thing about parenting:

“Guilt, doubt and did I mention never ending guilt?

These are the hardest things about parenting that everyone I know struggles with. It’s the never ending feeling that we are not doing enough, we are doing it wrong, making the wrong choice, being too hard, being too soft, not being fun enough and so the list goes on.

Being a parent is the toughest job on earth and you have no idea if you get it right until you see what kind of adults they turn into. All you can do until then is follow your heart and hope you are making the best and most informed choice you can for your children, love them with all your heart, teach them right from wrong and hold on for the ride!”
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At times it helps to know we’re all on the same crazy ride together. Tomorrow you might be loving this parenting thing all over again. But for any day that it’s making you want to scream – don’t worry; other parents find it hard too.

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