Start of the journey – Endometriosis surgery (op 46 or 47?)

So it’s that time again, surgery time. I have honestly lost track if this is surgery number 46 or 47. But it’s a big one. This one is to remove Endometriosis, repair some hernias and adhesion’s and potentially remove a mass on the liver.

Surgery never used to phase me, but the older I get and now having a child, my perspective going into surgery is definitely different. I carry the weight of worrying about not waking up, about being out of action for so long (6-8 weeks), about not being able to do things with my son, about him seeing me unwell, about him having to help me with day to day activities. That mothers guilt weighs a tonne.

But despite all of this I will go in feeling positive and hopefully that this one will give me back to some quality of life that I have been missing. That this will give my son back the mum who is more fun and carefree. After all isn’t that all our hope? That somehow despite our battles with chronic illness that one day our kids will get back the parent that is pain free, symptom free and more carefree? That is the dream!

Please join me on my journey, for the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny.

Stay positive!

Whoa Mumma x


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