Media and guest blogs


During our journey we’ve been lucky enough to raise awareness within the media on chronic conditions, in particular, Endometriosis, the disease that has most affected our lives.

Practical Parenting

The first step we took in sharing our journey was with Practical Parenting Magazine in a very personal pregnancy story where we almost lost our son. Read more here:

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Today Tonight

Our first TV interview was a very daunting experience sharing raw and personal details of our battle with Endometriosis and IVF struggles. The response we received as a result was incredible and was one of the reasons behind Whoa Mumma, we realised just how much our story and experience resonated with others and how much we could do to help and inspire others going through a difficult journey with chronic illness and pain.

Watch our story on local current affair show Today Tonight here featuring one of Adelaide’s best Endometriosis Excision Surgeons:

Messenger Newspaper

In 2017 we were interviewed by our local newspaper on Endometriosis and a campaign my husband created called Yellow Beard. He dyed his glorious beard bright yellow to attend a major trade show interstate to raise money and awareness for the disease.

Messenger article

Teena’s views and story were included in a piece for about the 2018 changes to codeine availability and the need to get a prescription for these once over the counter medications. You can find out more about this story by clicking on the link below.

FEMAIL at Daily Mail

Following on from the above piece we were interviewed by FEMAIL at Daily Mail on the changes to codeine and how this impacts chronic illness sufferers, in particular those with Endometriosis. Click on the link below for the full article:


Guest blogs

We have done a number of guest blogs to date which we will continue to share.

Real Mums Revolution

We are thrilled to be a contributor for Real Mums Revolution, a site dedicated to keeping it real and for the imperfect mum, something we know, live and breathe, we are proud to be imperfect and thrilled to work with other like minded warriors.

Endometriosis Australia

In Teena’s volunteer role as state co-ordinator for Endometriosis Australia she has written a number of blogs, to read the last one before having a hysterectomy click below:

Pre-op myth busting!


BHND is a blog about embracing the many aspects that make up a woman’s identity. This site is aimed at empowering women to own their identity as women before all else. We were asked to share our unusual journey to parenthood, to read more about our story click on the link below.

An unconventional path to parenthood

Thanks to for sharing our advice on debunking parenting myths. We had the opportunity to share our advice on what we think needs de-bunking. Of course we talked about the myth that you can’t be a good parent if you have a chronic illness and how that couldn’t be further from the truth for most parents with chronic illness or pain.

Make sure you check out their site for loads of other great blogs, stories and advice from everything from fashion, health and fitness, lifetstyle and heaps more.

We are constantly preaching the importance of self-care here at Whoa Mumma so when asked our advice on the topic we jumped at the opportunity to contribute. To read this piece called ‘5 Ways Mums Can Practice Self-Care’ click on the link below.

The Mighty

We are very excited to be working with The Mighty and contributing articles to share with their readers, our tips for managing chronic illness was picked up by them and hopefully helps lots of people.

Want to collaborate?

If you’d like to contact us at Whoa Mumma about a media inquiry or a guest blog please drop us a line on our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.