What the 10-year Facebook photo challenge showed me

What has the 10 year Facebook photo challenge showed me? Well I don't look at this photo and think about the wrinkles or how much older I look, I think about what the last decade of living in constant pain has shown me.

Changes to codeine availability

In Australia recent changes brought in by the government see chronic pain sufferers unable to access codeine without a prescription. Whilst the government is doing this to try and combat the risk of overdoses and abuse of the previously over the counter medication it is in fact disadvantaging those with chronic illness who rely on …

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Why we shouldn’t underestimate our children’s resilience

Today was a bad day, one of those days that creeps up and hits you and everything sucks. Everything is harder than it should be and emotionally I was tapped out. I braved school pick up and tried to keep my composure until are friend asked if I was ok, I wasn’t. I burst into …

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