The great slime meltdown of 2018

Self-care is super important and what that means for you is different from the next person, but how we talk to ourselves is equally as important, telling ourselves it’s ok to admit you are tired, it’s ok to be struggling and need a rest or break but that you can do this, you’ve got this, you just need to do it your way and it’s ok to say hey I need help.

Creativity & Health: Can Writing Help your Chronic Pain?

This post originally appeared on Is creativity as important to your health as a balanced diet & regular exercise? Only a few short decades ago, most people would have scoffed at a link between creativity & health. Today, it is widely accepted that the arts & more importantly, being creative can improve your health. …

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How to thrive not just survive

Everyone deserves the chance to thrive and not just survive and not just live in a state of ‘existence’ regardless of whether you suffer from a chronic illness or pain. You may not be able to affect your illness or condition, but there are lots of things you can do to improve the quality of your life and get the most out of it by employing some simple changes.