Tips for managing chronic pain and illness

People often ask me how I remain so positive and don’t let my illnesses and pain get to me, the answer is of course some days it does get to me, some days I do feel like my issues have bested me, but those days are in the minority, the most part I am strong, I fiercely fight against the pain and try to live a happy and full life.

Why we shouldn’t underestimate our children’s resilience

Today was a bad day, one of those days that creeps up and hits you and everything sucks. Everything is harder than it should be and emotionally I was tapped out. I braved school pick up and tried to keep my composure until are friend asked if I was ok, I wasn’t. I burst into …

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I’m the mum who rocks up with wet hair

I am the mum who rocks up to a kid’s party with damp hair. Yep that’s me, the mum who hates being late but somehow in getting everyone else sorted I never have enough time to make sure I am ready. Well that and the fact I barely have enough spoons to make it to a kid’s party let alone blow dry my hair and look like one of those television mums with perfect hair and makeup.